Thursday, January 17, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

CD Reviews!!!

Catholic Spit- Im Your God Now-7“ (Bad Touch Records-2012)
Whoa, This is really cool Goth/Death Punk, Kind of like 45 Grave’s and T.S.O.L’s Long forgotten Grandbaby, A healthy dose of tempo changes, Female vocals, Synth‘s, Its dark, If it didn’t come with a digital download I would have had to have bought another one already!! Highly recommended!!!
Stop Breathing- S/T ( No Idea)
This is by far the best new band I have heard in a long, long time, Brutal in your face West/East coast mix of old school punk!!, This doesn’t not disappoint in anyway, This could have been put out 20 years ago and ranked up with the best of them, Power, Energy.. If you find yourself at the record store or online or mail order and ask yourself, I want to hear a new band that is fucking killer, get this!!!! Very highly recommended!!!

One (8) Seven-Defense Starts With Heart (Infested Records-2012)
10 songs of Ska/Punk/Crust in the vein Choking Victim/Leftover Crack, Good recording quality and another solid release from Infested Records.

OFF!-S/T (Vice Records-2012)
Another killer release this is 16 songs of straight up old school punk with the longest song clocking in at 1:37.Highly recommended!!!

The Cunteez-Murder On The Oary Express (Infested Records-2012)
From the UK and must be from an area with a strong dialect, Well you get of blend of mid-tempo working class punk and ska with a keyboard/synth and the occasional bagpipes thrown in. Overall it’s pretty decent and the recording quality is good.

Dead Rejects-Screaming By Myself (Infested Records-2012)
Ska Punk, Kind of like if Leftover Crack and Bigwig with a hint of Suicide Machines got thrown in to a blender, This is recorded very well if you like the aforementioned bands you should like this. My Only beef is 6 of the 8 songs clock in at over 3+ minutes (That doesn’t mean there bad, Just long).