Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Heavy Rotation!!!

V/A- Nardcore- Mystic Records
V/A-This is Boston Not L.A.- Modern Method Records
V/A-Someone Got Their Head kicked In- BYO records
V/A-Break Your Face-Face First Records
V/A-Nardcore 30 Years Later- Burning Tree Records
V/A-Not So Quiet On The Western Front-Alternative Tentacles
V/A-This is the Central Coast Damn It- Bopp n' Skin Records
V/A-The Master Tape-Affirmation Records
V/A-Rat Music For Rat People- Go Records
V/A-Not In Captivity-High Fidelity Records
V/A-Hell Comes To Your House-Bemisbrain Records 

and a lot more comps...

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Some updates and news....

Some updates and news....
Plot will be putting out there CD early 2015,
Also we will be releasing ISW (In Spite of the World) A release that is long overdue and will showcase one of Orcutt's best bands from back in the day. (Early 2015)

Up Split Creek Vol 2... Spring 2015