Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Heavy Rotation!!!

V/A- Nardcore- Mystic Records
V/A-This is Boston Not L.A.- Modern Method Records
V/A-Someone Got Their Head kicked In- BYO records
V/A-Break Your Face-Face First Records
V/A-Nardcore 30 Years Later- Burning Tree Records
V/A-Not So Quiet On The Western Front-Alternative Tentacles
V/A-This is the Central Coast Damn It- Bopp n' Skin Records
V/A-The Master Tape-Affirmation Records
V/A-Rat Music For Rat People- Go Records
V/A-Not In Captivity-High Fidelity Records
V/A-Hell Comes To Your House-Bemisbrain Records 

and a lot more comps...

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