Sunday, November 30, 2014

CD Reviews!!!!

Mother Of Dissension- S/T (Nardcore Records)
The debut CD from these guys and it is full of hooks, Once you find your self singing along with the songs because they are that catchy and fun you realize there are a couple ones that are about suicide. The lyric's are intelligently written and heartfelt. All 8 songs are solid which is what happens when you have a line up with, Tony Cortez and Carl Valdez (from Ill Repute), Randy Miller (Global Warning), Michael Jones (Jumpin' Jimes, Jackass). With that said this CD is recorded extremely well Tony's vocal's are clear and the backing vocals show the depth of the band. Randy's guitar hooks and tone just add to the drive! With the rhythm section Carl and Michael the lay the foundation which pull it all together. Do yourself a favor and get this and check them out live! Very highly recommended!!!!

Zero Boys-Monkey (Z Disk Records)
15 tracks on this new release, This CD is is alot better than I expected
some bands lose there edge when they put something years after they started. While it's hard to recreate a classic LP like Vicious Circle, its good to see a great band like Zero Boys show they are still able to put great songs out, although the speed limit may have dropped a little this a solid release. Highly recommended!!

OFF!-wasted Years (Vice Records)
Another Off! release. I actully think this the best one so far. The songs are straight forward as to be expected there is a little more riffage which breaks the songs up in good way. If you have a short attention span no need to worry there are sixteen songs, all but one clocking in at under two minutes. Highly recommended!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

PLOT- 1/2 CD... Free on Bandcamp!!!

Reposted from Facebook....

Since Facebook wants anyone who has a band page to pay to promote it and get more likes and so on, We thought it would be nice to make our songs on Bandcamp (click below) FREE. Just go to what ever song and click download on the right side, Thanks!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Heavy Rotation!!!

The Arrivals-Goodbye New World-CD
Mother Of Dissension-S/T-CD
OFF!-Wasted Years-CD
Dead To Me-Cuban Ballerina-CD
Wasted Youth-Reagan's In-CD
Black Market Baby-Baby Takes-CD
The Dickies- The Incredible Shrinking Dickies
The Authorities-Puppy Love-CD
Scream-Still Screaming-CD
Social Unrest-Complete Studio Recordings, Vol 1-CD