Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heavy Rotation!!!

Night Birds-Born To Die In Suburbia-CD
Night Birds-Fresh Kills Vol 1-CD
Stop Breathing-Santa Cruz-7"
 Poison Idea-Fatal Erection Years 1983/86-CD
Dr. Know-Best Of-CD
The Freeze-Rabid reaction
 Ill Repute-What Happened Then-CD
RKL-Best Of-CD

Friday, September 6, 2013

CD/LP Reviews !!!

Stop Breathing-Santa Cruz-7” (Rotten To The Core)
If you don’t know who these guys are well you really cant go wrong with any of there releases, anyway this 5 song EP explodes with a 23 second blast, “Cant Be Stopped”. It doesn’t let up one bit “Nightstick Nightmare” and “Artificial Memory” continue the assault on Side A. “Until We Die” Kicks off Side B and is just insane!! If that wasn’t enough they end this with a cover of Void-”Who Are You”. Excellent recording, cover art by Brian Walsby, Very Highly Recommended!!!!

Fucktard-Corporate Rats-7” (Dead Rodent Records)
Straight up old school anti-government punk, fast, loud and to the point!! John the Baker and company nailed it!! If you’re a fan of MDC or early Dead Kennedy’s check this out now!! Highly Recommended!!

Night Birds-Born To Die In Suburbia-CD (Grave Mistake Records)
How did they do it, they surpassed “The Other Side of Darkness” which is one the best debut releases I’ve heard in a long time. Surf edged guitar with a relentless attack, bass and drums provide a solid but manic pace. The vocals are snotty but catchy and you will blasting this non stop. They throw in a couple slower songs “Nazi Gold” and “Less the Merrier” just to switch it up. Fourteen tracks that will get stuck in your head and not one bad song on this! Very Highly Recommended!!!!

Night Birds-Fresh Kills- Vol 1-CD (Grave Mistake Records)
A great starting point for anyone who hasn’t heard the Night Birds. Killer guitar tones reminiscent of Agent Orange and Dead Kennedy’s. Vocal’s have that classic Orange County sound, Featuring members of the Ergs! and Psyched to Die, They mix the style of those bands as well as a heavy dose of 80’s So cal punk . This has the first 3 singles and a demo. Just do yourself a favor and get this, Very Highly Recommended!!!!


Victims Family-Have A Nice Day-7”(Alternative Tentacles)
Simple but technical, Sarcastic, Sums up the Title track on Side A, Side B you get a jazzy/heavy song “Let’s Cancel The Future” If you have never heard these guys this a pretty cool single, They have been around nearly 30 years!! Highly Recommended!!