Saturday, January 17, 2009

SHOW-jan 17th 2009 @ albertos pizza lompoc

Monday, January 26, 2009
jan 17th 2009 @ albertos pizza lompoc
a local show i did sound for with:
from opening to headliner

lights,sirens,and bears
beneath the Scarlet sand
grave slut
halo of gunfire

first off let me say I'm not big fan of this know the death metal growl with the occasional scream and that same guitar scale that they all play then it breaks down into a double bass on the kick drum with constant pounding on a china cymbal.

having said that the first band wasn't really like that but more straight up scream-o,so it was'nt that much better since I've never really been a fan of that style.

the next 3 bands were as described above really no difference same structures same predictable breakdowns etc...

halo of gunfire does stray from the norm and the singer doesn't do the death metal growl , 97.3 percent of the time and sounds more like early kreator which is tolerable.

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