Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This is a follow up to the 1984 classic NARDCORE LP , the packaging is incredible, a gate fold LP with a CD containing bonus tracks.20 tracks on the LP and 36 on the CD. It also contains quotes from Ian MaKaye, Henry Rollins, Fat Mike, Joe "shithead" Keithley and others, Remembering and giving recognition to what the early nardcore scene meant to them. Top all that off with a 180 gram colored vinyl and a 28 page fanzine containing band info and a lot more...

What about the bands:
ILLREPUTE,DR.KNOW,RAT PACK are 3 of the bands that were on the original release and still prove that they can hold there own 30 years later. The rest of the bands are mix of local bands and bands from the surrounding areas showing that NARDCORE is alive and well. Once again Tony Cortez has put together a killer compilation and made this an instant collectors item!!! I could get into a full description of each band, but every band on here pretty much kicks ass and I have been listening to it straight for the past 4 days. Burning Tree Records and all involved out did themselves on this do yourself a favor and get 2 copy's...


1 Ill Repute -For All Forgot
2 Ill Repute -I've Got A Problem
3 The Last Priority -Out Here
4 The Last Priority -Today
5 Dogends -Food Fight
6 Dogends -Blame Canaduh
7 Weapon A -U.S.
8 Weapon A -Forewarned
9 Global Warning -Never Was
10 Global Warning -Beat Me Right
11 Bone Explosion -Blackout
12 Bone Explosion -Bear Mace
13 Public Defecation -The Millions
14 Public Defecation -Nation Of Chains
15 Blasting Concept -Passing Days
16 Blasting Concept -Equal View
17 Keep Fighting -Your Decision
18 Keep Fighting -The Road To Death
19 Dr. Know -Can You Spare A Dime
20 Dr. Know -"Dignified" Open Metal Sores
21 Retaliate -Know Your Roots
22 The Bloody Cunts -The World Is Shit
23 The Bloody Cunts -Vaginal Bleeding
24 Rat Pack -Like A Bastard
25 Rat Pack -War Crimes
26 O.S.T. -Nancy Grace
27 O.S.T. -Times Change (People Don't)
28 Total Resistance -Closer To Six
29 Fucking Wrath -Don't Look Back
30 Fucking Wrath -Monta
31 Punk Rawk Elvis -Who Killed Elvis
32 Kilz -Annihilation
33 Kilz -The Man
34 Ahh Da Beeyas -Liquid Assasin
35 Ahh Da Beeyas -Munzago
36 Bomer Manzullo -Broken Chains

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