Friday, February 5, 2010

Cd reviews by: Sal Cochino!!!


Well, since 2004's "Dog Disco, Leatherface have not recorded a full-length. Although that last album was not a favorite of mine I wasn't at all disappointed but "Mush" was, up to now, my favorite of all LF's releases. Anyway, a few days ago I received my copy of LF's new album "The Story Petrel" and was so excited about getting it that I asked my postman to personally knock on my door when a package from the UK arrived, which he did. I heard the knock, got and opened my package and placed the disc in my player, put on the headphones, drank my iced tea and smoked a cigarette while I excitedly listened to the new Sunderland sounds. Only one word comes to mind... BRILLIANT!! Usually I will listen to a CD once or twice and then write my review. This time I listen to the CD first as a fan and then as a critic. The more than 10 times I've listened to this disc up to this point have been purely enjoyable. Frankie and company have really outdone themselves on this release from the packaging to the hit after hit of tunes that grace this disc. Dickie's guitar and backing vocals are grade-A, Graeme's bass playing is extraordinary and Musch's drumming complete this great line-up. Frankie's vocals are phenomenal, pure and passionate as well as his guitar playing and writing. Songs like "My World's End" and "Diego Garcia" have restored my faith in melodic punk rock that I haven't heard since Snuff's 1996 album "Demussabebonk". The production on this album is absolutely amazing. The songs are just plain soulful. Not a bad song on this entire album! My only wish is that they band would be touring on the west side of the U.S. in February and March 2010. I was lucky enough to be in Austin when they last toured here in the U.S. and really enjoyed watching them at Emo's and Beerland and hangin' out with them and my old friend, Davey TiltWheel. Hopefully we can do it again soon. All in all, I know for a fact that IS and will be the best punk album of 2010. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Leatherface Eastern North American Tour 2010

Feb. 21st- London @ Call The Office + Yesterday's Ring / Sinkin Ships
Feb 22nd- Toronto @ Wrong Bar+ Yesterday's Ring / Sinkin Ships / Summer of 92
Feb 23rd- St. Catharines+ Yesterday's Ring / Orphan Choir
Feb 24th- Toronto @ Wrong Bar+ Fucked Up / Yesterday's Ring
Feb. 25th- Ottawa @ Babylon+ Lemuria / Yesterday's Ring / Year Zero, I Refuse
Feb. 26th- Chicoutimi @ Le Bunker+ Yesterday's Ring / Crash Ton Rock, Lemuria
Feb 27th- Québec @ Le Cercle+ Yesterday's Ring / Crash Ton Rock, Lemuria
Feb 28th- Montreal @ Foufounes Électriques+ Yesterday's Ring / Crash Ton Rock, Whiskey Trench
March 1st- Longgueuil @ Brasseries Les Gaulois d'Amériques+ Yesterday's Ring /
March 2nd- Peterborough @ The Dobro+ Yesterday's Ring
March 3rd- Kingston @ The Mansion+ Yesterday's Ring

March 4th- Aliston BOSTON @ Harpers Ferry - Yesterdays Ring - Bridge & Tunnel
March 5th- Brooklyn NYC @ The Knitting Factory - Yesterdays Ring - Bridge & Tunnel
March 6th- Asbury Park @ Asbury Lanes- Yesterdays Ring - Bridge & Tunnel
March 7th- Philadelphia @ North Star Bar- Yesterdays Ring - Riot Before
March 8th- Richmond @ Canal Club- Yesterdays Ring - Riot Before
March 9th- Charlotte @ The Milestone- Yesterdays Ring - Riot Before
March 10th- Chattanooga @ JJ Bohemia- Yesterdays Ring - Riot Before
March 11th- Atlanta @ The Drunken Unicorn- Yesterdays Ring - Drug Prowling Wolves
March 12th - TBC
March 13th- Harvest of Hope Fest- St Johns County Fairgrounds, St Augustine -
March 14th- Tampa Bay@ Crowbar- Yesterdays Ring
March 15th- Orlando @ Backbooth - Yesterdays Ring


The Bourbon Saints are from the mean streets of Los Angeles and play some full-throttle Rock 'n' Roll. They remind me of a mixture of so many great European Punk Rock 'n' Roll bands like; Gluecifer, Cellophane Suckers with a little bit of Turbonegro thrown in and a dash American Supersuckers that blend into some really enjoyable party music. Guitarist, Chuck Poquette really knows his way around the friggin' fiddle! His solos at times spew Ace Frehley-like licks. Drummer Nole Eldridge pounds the drums like its his last night on earth and vocalist the Rev. Arturo screams until he empties his lungs and has destroyed his throat. My only complaint is the lead-off track "Fire Breathin' Preacher Man". Having heard their demo a few years ago I was expecting this new album version to really kick it's ass but instead I felt that the demo really came off more passionate and had more energy. This version is still great, don't get me wrong. I just liked the demo a tiny bit better. As for the rest of the record, the stand out tracks are; "Death Rattle" the anthemic "White Line Strut" and "Knives Out" featuring Lightnin' Bill Woodcock on the harp. If you like your Rock 'n' Roll with some Hollywood attitude then this is for you. RECOMMENED!! - SAL COCHINO 11/09

Nardcore's DR. KNOW are back with another fuckin' great album! 18-songs full of manic speed metal-punk. Singer, Brandon Cruz is still screaming after all these years and keeps getting better and better. Bassist Ismael Hernandez is thumpin' away keeping the rhythm section in check. Stevil, the guitarist is phenomenal with tastefully quick speed-metal solo. A shredder that will be hard to beat. Drummer, Destroyer Rick is insanely tight and fast. Exactly what the band need to complete their metal-punk sound. I saw the band while they were on tour in May with Gizz Lazlo (Dead Lazlo's Place singer) on drums and they sounded a lot different. More punk than metal but they still kicked ass. Stand out songs on this CD; "Father, Son and Holy Shit", "Tears of Black", "Truck with No Brakes", "Tied Around our Necks", "Die Hippie Die" (my favorite), and "Program the Man" (excellent track!). If you're a fan of anything good then this is for you!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENED!! - SAL COCHINO 7/09

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