Thursday, September 27, 2012

Records On Tap Stock Update!!


Records On Tap 010
Records On Tap Sampler-CD A compilation of bands from all the releases from the past 10 years, and a few from ones that havent been released yet.

Records On Tap 009
Weapon A-1999-????-CD All the studio recordings by the band. Including the early ones!!!!

Records On Tap 8.5
Stab Your Back- Beg To Breathe-CD Yet a...

nother split label release by Bitch Slap Records and Records On Tap,

Records On Tap 008
The Skeezicks-We Have Re-Issues-Part 2-CD

Records On Tap 007
Stab Your Back-Live @ Downtown Brew-CD Another split label release by Bitch Slap Records and Records On Tap.

Records On Tap 6.5
Stab Your Back-EP1-CD A split label release by Bitch Slap Records and Records On Tap

Records On Tap 006
V/A-Econo-comp (35 BAND COMP)-CD With 35 bands packed onto one CD there is a wide variety of bands from the older bands to newly formed. It’s a great line up of bands and makes one dynamic compilation. Naked Aggression, The Last Priority, Drain Bramaged, Bad Samaritans, Kilz, Weapon A, Keep Fighting, Dead Lazlos Place, Oppressed Logic

Records On Tap 005
The Furgusons-We Have Re-Issues-Part 1-CD

Records On Tap 004
Johnny Cock And The Nuts/Public Defecation-Up Split Creek Vol 1 Split-CD

Records On Tap 003
V/A-107 Miles Of Noise-CD A 21 band compilation featuring local bands from the area in between San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara California. Tracks by damaged Goods, Dead Set Against, Wimpy Dicks, Derita Sisters, S.P.& C, Hot Carl And The Chilli Dogs, The Deveros, Johnny Cock And The Nuts ,Cruel Romeos, Brigands, Countless Shadows, Dead A Week Later, Rat Pack (yes the same one on nardcore), Undisputed , Public Defecation, Gutterfish, Drunk In Public , Weapon A, A Human And His Std’s, The Kilz , The Last Call. A great mix of what the area has to offer.

Records On Tap 002

Records On Tap 001
The Last Call-Out Of Ideas-CD

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